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Motivating a Loved One to Exercise

It can be difficult to watch a loved one who struggles to stay healthy face health problems.  Obesity and other exercise related problems can sneak up on even the best of us. If we are busy, focused on our career, families, or other concerns, it is easy to get into patterns of inactivity which lead […]

Weight Loss Final

  Our previous two posts both dealt with some of the misinformation available about weight loss. In this final post, we will attempt to lay out some of the facts, hopefully allowing readers to make informed health decisions. Despite many of the unhealthy and incorrect ideas about obesity, it is still a medical concern, and […]

Weight Loss myths continued

  As discussed in our previous post, one of the most difficult things about weight loss is the amount of misinformation available. If we do not have access to reliable and well-founded information, it will be difficult to make the choices we need to in order to become healthier. Previously we talked about how often […]

Debunking Weight Loss Myths

  One of the most commonly discussed subjects in current society is weight loss. We often hear health experts, doctors, celebrities, and others in the public eye talking about everything from the damaging effects of obesity, to their preferred method to losing weight. But weight loss is not always easy. Millions try to lose weight […]

Night Hiking: Finale

  We went over some of the reasons that you should go on a night hike, as well as some of the precautions that you should take before going on a hike. On this final post, we will talk about a few more things to keep in mind, and tips for making sure that you […]

How to Prepare for a Night Hike

We talked in our previous article about why you should go on a night hike. But it is very important, unless you are an experienced night hiker, to take the time to prepare yourself before going on a night hike. Night hikes have a greater risk than most day hikes. Aside from the obvious darkness, […]

Why you should Night Hike

One of the best ways to create a memorable experience is to go on a night hike. Night hiking can be a wonderful way to escape crowds, fit in exercise, and try something new. Being able to execute a successful night hike can be a very fun and healthy way to spend an evening. Additionally, […]

Why to join a fitness group

One of the best ways you can up your fitness and have fun is to join a fitness group or take a class. These are often offered at gyms, fitness centers, or will be community focused options in public spaces or parks. There are a wide variety of classes and groups that will allow you […]

How to exercise alone

Many of us like to exercise with a partner or group of friends. While this can make some things easier, it isn’t always possible to find a good workout partner. If we are new to an area, are not particularly social, or simply lack friends with healthy habits, we may find ourselves in a situation […]