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Five Free Outdoor Workouts

Cardio Medley One of the best ways to keep the intensity up in an outdoor workout is to shift between activities. This will allow you to work all of your muscle groups, while keeping yourself working hard. Mixing up sprints with simple high intensity activities can be a great way to start. Choose a landmark, […]

Getting Started Jogging

  Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise. You need almost no equipment, you can do it anywhere (we recommend PATH400!), and you can do it at any intensity. But if you are getting started, there are a few things that you should remember to do to get the most out of […]

Why Winter is a Great Season to be Outdoors

  Sometimes, when the winter months roll around, we end up indoors more. But this is not always healthy or even fun. There are lots of reasons to get outside during winter months, although depending on the weather you may need to take extra precautions. Going outdoors in winter can have its advantages: fewer people […]

Finding Health in the New Year

  It’s that time of year again and after the holidays, many of us take the time to reflect on ourselves, and make goals for the next trip around the sun. Here are some tips for making sure that you get all your health-related goals accomplished this year.

Go Have a Picnic

A fun, cheap, and healthy social activity that anyone can do is a quick picnic. Finding a calm beautiful place to sit down with some friends or by yourself is a great way to spend the day. Here are some of the top reasons to go and have a picnic. Change of Scenery If you […]

Path Essentials

Path Essentials Before you head out your door, make sure that you have everything that you need to have a safe, fun, and healthy time. If you are going for a walk, a few simple steps of planning can make all the difference. Planning Know your route. It’s nice to have some flexibility, but if […]

Finding the Right Footwear

There is something empowering about walking somewhere. Be it climbing a mountain or simply walking to the neighborhood store, stepping outside of your routine and going somewhere under your own power can be a nice way to shake things up. However, if a walk sounds painful or you have had bad experiences, maybe the problem […]

Protecting Your Skin Outdoors

Protect Your Skin Going outdoors for a walk, run, bike ride, or picnic is a great and healthy way to spend your time. However, too much time in the sun can cause a variety of issues, and not just for those of us with very pale skin. While lighter skin may make it easier to […]

Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated   Getting out and about can be great, but it’s important to remember that staying hydrated is more than just drinking when you are thirsty. Here are some tips and facts to help you stay hydrated. Are You Drinking Enough? By some estimates, up to 75 percent of Americans do not meet their […]

Biking Etiquette

  Biking Safely and Politely Biking can be one of the best ways to get around. Using a bike for transportation or exercise will help you stay or get fit, prevent pollution, and save money. But before you head out the door, make sure you are familiar with some simple biking etiquette.