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Naughty or Nice?

Denise Starling, executive director of Livable Buckhead, gives us the dirt on PATH400 progress.
denise and will path400-smI have some great news to share with you today – it appears that PATH400 was on Santa’s NICE list this year! How do I know? Well, we just received the best kind of present – the one you never want to return – cold hard cash – and a lot of it! 

Just how much cash you might ask? (How rude – didn’t your Mama tell you it isn’t nice to talk about money?) Oh well – let’s be tacky anyway.

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Construction update – October 2017

Great news! After several months of wearing people down with my best squeaky wheel routine, we have received approval from Norfolk Southern to get moving on the next phase, from Miami Circle to the back of Lenox Square. We still have to clear pre-construction meetings with both the railroad and MARTA and then you will see some good old fashioned dirt movin’ going on! We have also received our final approvals to move forward with construction on the Adina section from Lindbergh to Garson. We will build these two at the same time to maximize efficiencies. Read more

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Construction Update

I am happy to report that we will be getting a little construction underway in the next few weeks. It is a small part, on Adina between Lindbergh and Garson, but it is one more bite of the 5.2-mile elephant.  

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Construction Update – May 2017

It’s Raining…Trees! Many thanks to the City of Atlanta’s Senior Arborist, Jasen Johns, for working with us to get a whole bunch of new mac daddy trees planted on PATH400 between Old Ivy and Wieuca Roads. These aren’t any playschool beginner trees – they are good sized beauties and we got them in just in time […]

Initial clearing of Sidney Marcus to the Gordon Bynum pedestrian bridge .

The DIRT – Construction Update

Denise Starling, executive director of Livable Buckhead, gives us the dirt on PATH400 progress.

Instead of reading tea leaves for this report, I opted to look to the stars and found inspiration:  

“2017 is a year wide open with opportunities for Sagittarians. There is plenty of energy that will prompt you to dig in and make tremendous progress.”   

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Construction Update

Denise Starling, executive director of Livable Buckhead, gives us the dirt on PATH400 progress.

Partnerships Partnership Partnerships – Yet another partner has come into the PATH400 circle of friends…Camden Development. As part of developing their new project in Buckhead’s west village, Camden has to satisfy the City of Atlanta’s tree recompense requirements. Thanks to City Arborist Paul Lewkowiscz and Landscape Architect Kevin Thomas of SITE Solutions , Camden is meeting those requirements by donating 300 caliper inches of trees to PATH400! Plans are being drawn up as I write by local landscape design guru Steve Sanchez at HGOR and will be incorporated into the part of trail that recently opened between Sidney Marcus and Miami Circle adding those finishing touches to make this section pretty.

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Construction Update – December 2016

While most people can walk to get to PATH400 on foot or by bike, here’s some good news Old-Ivy-Trailhead-Park_Public-Workskhop_082916_Draft_v2-600x450for those of you who can’t. In early 2017, crews will begin creating eight new parking spaces underneath the GA400 highway bridge on Old Ivy Road. What is awesome is that these parking spaces will serve double duty – providing parking for PATH400 and Old Ivy Park at the same time! Even better, on-street parking is proven to slow down traffic. Old Ivy can be quite the raceway and we need to slow it down here to help create a safer crossing for PATH400 and safer access to Old Ivy Park.
Walk to School
Looking for a way to get your kids more exercise? Soon you will be able to use PATH400 to walk to Sarah Smith’s intermediate campus on Wieuca Road. Starting in January, crews will get to work extending PATH400 from the east side of GA400 crossing the highway to the west side to the intersection of Old Ivy Road where kids can cross safely at the traffic signal. The extension will take a few months to complete (assuming Mother Nature cooperates, which we know she won’t).  
What’s Next?
Crews are eagerly awaiting the green light from MARTA and the City of Atlanta to begin martanspath400building from the top of Miami Circle to the back of Lenox Square tying in to the Gordon Bynum pedestrian bridge that crosses over GA400. This is the coolest part of PATH400 – with two MARTA rail lines soaring overhead, the NFS freight line down below and the GA400 highway nestled in between…PATH400 will thread the needle between them all to create a fantastic user experience for transportation enthusiasts of all ages!
Spur Lines are popping up even before the PATH400 main line is finished! The Buckhead CID is working with the City of Atlanta’s Renew Atlanta Bond Program to redevelop East Paces Ferry (from Lenox Square to Roxboro Road) into a complete street. This means a direct multiuse trail connection from PATH400 to the Lenox MARTA station creating yet another multimodal connection for PATH400. Construction is expected to begin in early 2017.

Good Trails Make Good Neighbors

missangieGood Trails Make Good Neighbors – Have you ever renovated your house? Did you still like your contractor when it was all said and done? Probably not. Well, here on PATH400 not only  do we love our contractor, Lewallen Construction, so do our trail neighbors. How do we know that? Miss Angie, a resident of the Marion Highrise has been bringing our workers treats nearly every day during our construction. She has brought them watermelon on those hot days, and even hot herbal tea to cure a cold for our foreman Terry. The guys love her so much, they occasionally water her garden and even took it a step farther to show her their love.

What the Landscape Needs Now – RAIN. Many of you already know that Mother Nature HATES me – it poured on my wedding day, my first outdoor event had golf ball sized hail… I could go on and on. Her latest attempt to spoil things is evident in the landscaping between Old Ivy and Wieuca. Yes, we are having some problems! No rain is especially difficult on new landscaping and in spite of our watering every two weeks, we have lost a lot of trees. The good news is that our partner, Atlanta Public Schools, is working with us to replace the ones we have lost. The not so good news is that this will have to be put on hold for a while since the state Environmental Protection Division declared a Level 2 drought in 52 counties, including metro Atlanta and much of north Georgia, that limits outdoor watering