Get Outside and Walk


Get Outside and Walk

Exercise can take many forms. But be it walking, running, swimming, or playing sports, the outcomes on our health can be massive. You don’t have to run ten miles before breakfast to see changes though.   Walking just half an hour a day can make a measurable difference in your health. Studies have found that a half hour walk can be the difference between weight gain, and staying slimmer, even if that is the only physical activity that you do in a day

Keep The Doctor Away

Your waistline isn’t the only place that could see a difference though. Besides helping you build a small amount of muscle, half an hour of walking can also decrease your risk of developing physical ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or stroke. It can even lower your chances of heart disease, the number one killer in America. The important step is to make your exercise part of your daily routine. 30 minutes may not seem like much, but if you do it consistently, it will add up. Increasing your body’s activity by consistently getting moving every day is the key.

It’s Not Just Physical

Getting out of your house and going for a walk has been shown to help your mind too. Consistent but light physical activity can improve your mood and help to reduce the severity of some symptoms of depression. On top of that, getting outside and breathing some fresh air can help us to be more creative and happier, feeling more connected to the world and the people around us. For some of us, your thirty minutes of exercise can be a social activity. If that isn’t your thing, just pop in some headphones and find some solitude on even a busy path. If you really like to be alone, then find the times that trails or areas will be empty, and spend some time in your own company.

Building Community.

Having places to walk, run, or explore make huge differences in communities. Communities where people have the ability to be healthier reap the benefits. Healthier residents will be happier, more productive, and will need less costly healthcare. A community full of more energetic and satisfied people will be safer, and more able to provide for ourselves and the next generation. Public areas can become meeting places, bringing our communities together and helping us forge new relationships and connections.

Calling all nerds!

muralp400Love Star Wars? You will NOT want to miss this! – Calling all nerds!  You know who you are and you know what is happening on December 16th – the release of Rogue One, the latest  Star Wars movie. PATH400 is getting in the spirit on December 3rd, with local artists Jessi Queen, Zach Herndon, Katie Bush, Rachel Tipton Boyd, Meg Mitchell, and James Wheeler transforming the trail into an intergalactic experience. Dress the part and come out to watch the artists at work as they bring our art walls to life with Star Wars interpretations in chalk art. Would you like to see your name in chalk with this happening?  

Donate $100 to PATH400 today and we will make you famous! 

buckhead_final_logo-01BUCKHEAD REdeFINED – If you think greenways are important and want to see more of them, now is the time to speak up! Livable Buckhead is currently leading the development of a master plan for the community – BUCKHEAD REdeFINED – and we need to hear what you think.

Complete the latest survey: Placemaking and Connectivity.

Good Trails Make Good Neighbors

missangieGood Trails Make Good Neighbors – Have you ever renovated your house? Did you still like your contractor when it was all said and done? Probably not. Well, here on PATH400 not only  do we love our contractor, Lewallen Construction, so do our trail neighbors. How do we know that? Miss Angie, a resident of the Marion Highrise has been bringing our workers treats nearly every day during our construction. She has brought them watermelon on those hot days, and even hot herbal tea to cure a cold for our foreman Terry. The guys love her so much, they occasionally water her garden and even took it a step farther to show her their love.

What the Landscape Needs Now – RAIN. Many of you already know that Mother Nature HATES me – it poured on my wedding day, my first outdoor event had golf ball sized hail… I could go on and on. Her latest attempt to spoil things is evident in the landscaping between Old Ivy and Wieuca. Yes, we are having some problems! No rain is especially difficult on new landscaping and in spite of our watering every two weeks, we have lost a lot of trees. The good news is that our partner, Atlanta Public Schools, is working with us to replace the ones we have lost. The not so good news is that this will have to be put on hold for a while since the state Environmental Protection Division declared a Level 2 drought in 52 counties, including metro Atlanta and much of north Georgia, that limits outdoor watering


PATH400 Wins Golden Shoe Award from PEDS

Pedestrian advocacy organization recognizes Livable Buckhead, Buckhead CID, and PATH Foundation for creating walkable connections ATLANTA – November 3, 2016 – PEDS, metro Atlanta’s pedestrian advocacy organization, presented Golden Shoe Awards on October 25 to people, projects and places that are making communities throughout metro Atlanta and elsewhere in Georgia safe and inviting places to […]


Old Ivy Park Concept to be Unveiled at 8/22 Meeting

PATH400 has always been more than just a trail and the first park is starting to take shape! Under the leadership of Hon. Council member Howard Shook,
Old Ivy Park was acquired by a unique partnership between the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreation and Livable Buckhead.

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Snap! We’ve got a winner in the PATH400 spring photo contest

Congratulations, JSG Photography!

We received so many great photos, we couldn’t decide, so we invited the public to vote for their favorite photo. All of the finalists photos will be displayed at Lenox Square through the month of June, with the winning photograph being produced on canvas and presented to Jeremy Gragg of JSG Photography after the viewing is finished.

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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Joins Livable Buckhead to Recognize PATH400 Major Donors

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed joined Livable Buckhead at an event last week to recognize major donors to our PATH400 capital campaign. In his remarks,kasim1 Mayor Reed reflected on the need to seize the opportunity that PATH400 presents.

“Buckhead deserves this kind of connectivity. Buckhead deserves greenspace. We must take advantage of the opportunity we have now, because we will not have this opportunity again.”

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What’s Old Is New and We Want To See Your Point of View

sarahbackhouseLast fall, you captured Buckhead’s PATH400SM at its autumnal best. Now with the weather fallphotowinnerfb warming up, it’s time to grab your iPhone, your SLR or even that old Polaroid if you like and head out to the greenway.

Most of the plants that we worried over all winter have survived and will soon be in full bloom, making PATH400 a picture-perfect place to get out and enjoy spring.

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PATH400 Construction Update – August 2016

The PATH400 theme for this month is “INSTANT ” – blink an eye and you will miss the cool things about to happen!

INSTANT Landscape – Thanks to Atlanta Public Schools (APS), we will have hundreds of trees arriving in the fall between Old Ivy and Wieuca! A c60db288-bsignature feature of the Atlanta Tree Protection Ordinance is “recompense,” the purpose of which is to recoup some of the lost public value that occurs in the destruction of trees. In this case, recompense will be satisfied by the “in-kind” planting of replacement trees. APS needed to recompense for construction and PATH400 needed trees. A win for both parties.

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Help Us Show that Parks RULE, Cars DROOL on PARK(ing) Day

da93a96d-2If Buckhead had a birthstone it would be concrete. Our paved paradise has some of Atlanta’s best high rises, restaurants and shopping, but our parks game is weak. Livable Buckhead is working on that…and we need your help.

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