Good Trails Make Good Neighbors

missangieGood Trails Make Good Neighbors – Have you ever renovated your house? Did you still like your contractor when it was all said and done? Probably not. Well, here on PATH400 not only  do we love our contractor, Lewallen Construction, so do our trail neighbors. How do we know that? Miss Angie, a resident of the Marion Highrise has been bringing our workers treats nearly every day during our construction. She has brought them watermelon on those hot days, and even hot herbal tea to cure a cold for our foreman Terry. The guys love her so much, they occasionally water her garden and even took it a step farther to show her their love.

What the Landscape Needs Now – RAIN. Many of you already know that Mother Nature HATES me – it poured on my wedding day, my first outdoor event had golf ball sized hail… I could go on and on. Her latest attempt to spoil things is evident in the landscaping between Old Ivy and Wieuca. Yes, we are having some problems! No rain is especially difficult on new landscaping and in spite of our watering every two weeks, we have lost a lot of trees. The good news is that our partner, Atlanta Public Schools, is working with us to replace the ones we have lost. The not so good news is that this will have to be put on hold for a while since the state Environmental Protection Division declared a Level 2 drought in 52 counties, including metro Atlanta and much of north Georgia, that limits outdoor watering

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