Help Us Choose a Creative Crosswalk Design

PATH400 is bringing energy to Buckhead, providing a place where people can get outdoors for exercise and fun. A trail that’s bringing so much life to the community deserves more than just your average crosswalk. It needs bold, fun designs that help PATH400 stand out and that contribute to the local landscape.

With that in mind, Livable Buckhead commissioned three local artists to develop concepts for the three major intersections that PATH400 crosses at it winds through the Lindbergh area along Adina Dr. – Lindbergh Dr., Morosgo Dr. and Sidney Marcus Blvd.  All three artists provided engaging, energetic visions for the crosswalks – and we need your help to choose which design is the best fit for PATH400.

Take a look at all three concepts, then vote for your favorite by responding the poll at the bottom of this post. Once you’ve voted, take a second to share this post so we can get even more people to help us choose the winning design. Voting will be open until Monday, Dec. 11.

chelsey austin

The Concept: “An interactive experience along Path 400 highlighting nature and creating an aerial piece of art to capture as you walk along the street. ” ~ Chelsey Austin

cathryn bozone

The Concept: “Within the hustle and bustle of the city and our busy day-to-day lives these illustrations strive to encourage the viewer to value the little things. The imagery reminds us to value the little slices of life like nature, animals, and food that are often over looked in the city and calls our viewers to “smell the roses” on their daily commute, errands, and more.” ~ Cathryn Bozone

meg mitchell

The Concept: “My concept was designed to be a carpet of flora and fauna unfolding before the user, connecting the enchanting greenspaces that surround PATH400 like a bridge.” ~ Meg Mitchell


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