News on PATH400

  • SweetWater Brewery and Livable Buckhead Team Up
  • Livable Buckhead and Office of Sustainability Install Planter Beds
  • Bike PATH400 with the AJC
  • Snakes Are On The Move Again

sw2-smSweetWater Brewery and Livable Buckhead Team Up – Join us on Wednesday, June 7th from 5:30-7:30 at SweetWater Brewing Company and get a taste of special brew in honor of our mission, SustainaBREW.

As part of the Beneficial Brews program, all you have to do is attend and buy the normal $12 tour pint glass – for every glass sold SweetWater will donate a portion of the proceeds to LIVABLE BUCKHEAD and PATH400. This generous contribution will support our mission to promote sustainability and economic development in our community. This is a dog friendly event, so don’t leave the pups at home.

SustainaBREW is a limited edition beer available only for that evening. So come and have a beer for a good cause!

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Livable Buckhead and Office of Sustainability Install Planter Beds – A new kind of greenspace has come to PATH400: community gardens. When IMG_01651-smconstruction on the segment of PATH400 between Sidney Marcus Rd. and Miami Circle began about 18 months ago, crews discovered that residents of the Atlanta Housing Authority’s nearby Marian Road highrise had been using a tucked-away piece of land to grow vegetables. PATH400’s leaders were inspired to take this “guerilla gardening” to the next level and made plans to create a community garden space on the trail.

“In the same way that PATH400 is being built in the ‘found’ right-of-way space along the highway, these gardeners took an unused space and turned it into something worthwhile,” said Denise Starling, executive director of Livable Buckhead, the nonprofit organization spearheading PATH400 in Buckhead. “We love that spirit, and we wanted to bring it into the project in a way that engages the local community and creates a unique amenity for this area.”

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Bike PATH400 with the AJC:


snakeSnakes Are On The Move Again – That slithering in the bushes, the shadow shooting across your lawn, and even sometimes the brazen hiss as you’re walking on PATH400. But don’t get too worked up. Show some common sense and maybe you can learn to
love our legless neighbors. OK, that might be too much, but we can all try to get along, right?

If it’s a big snake, in Atlanta, it’s probably a Rat snake. Rat snakes are black and hang out near humans. Other good snakes around here, corn snakes and the common king snake. If it’s a small snake, it’s probably a brown snake. They eat snails, slugs and the occasional earthworm.

But not all snakes are friendly. Due to a mild, short winter the Georgia Poison Control Center in Atlanta say they have received about 40% more snakebite calls this year than in 2016.  A word of advice: avoid ivy. Copperheads love to hang out in Ivy (and in Buckhead, but then who doesn’t), so be very careful when doing lawn work around it. Simply watch your step, keep your distance when you see a snake and both of you will be happy neighbors. Learn more from the AJC here and here.

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