PATH400 Construction Update – August 2016

The PATH400 theme for this month is “INSTANT ” – blink an eye and you will miss the cool things about to happen!

INSTANT Landscape – Thanks to Atlanta Public Schools (APS), we will have hundreds of trees arriving in the fall between Old Ivy and Wieuca! A c60db288-bsignature feature of the Atlanta Tree Protection Ordinance is “recompense,” the purpose of which is to recoup some of the lost public value that occurs in the destruction of trees. In this case, recompense will be satisfied by the “in-kind” planting of replacement trees. APS needed to recompense for construction and PATH400 needed trees. A win for both parties.

INSTANT Trail – In the last issue, crews had finished pouring the massive concrete wall (which looks great) and installing the new sound wall along GA400 on Phase II of the greeway. Thanks to the excellent crew and a steady stream of concrete, the actual trail has been poured along the nearly half mile from Old Ivy to Wiecua. Things are really speeding along now that the rain has slowed down. Thanks Mother Nature!

INSTANT Boardwalk – The south side is taking shape nicely. All the initial clearing and site preparation has been done between Sidney Marcus and Miami Circle and we are in the initial stages of preparing for the retaining walls. This is the first area where we will be using the Permatrak boardwalking system and it continues with our INSTANT theme…since it comes in 50 foot sections that get dropped in place all at one time!

47cdb5fb-cRunning between the senior living highrise and condominium access, PATH400 will activate the abandoned road while having minimal impact to the natural feel and existing amenities already on site. Since a large stretch of this section is being built upon an already existing (and graded) service road, construction is anticipated to be quicker than other sections. These portions of Phase III have required minimal clearing of sight lines (for safety) and concrete will begin to flow soon.

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